I am a 22 year old filmmaker from Northern Ireland currently in my final year of a degree in Film & TV Production at Southampton Solent University. I previously studied Creative Media Production and Interactive Video Game Development, both at Belfast Metropolitan College, so quite a mixed bag.

I have always had a passion for the movies and storytelling. My focus on the game development was the design of the game and the storyline which was always important to me and it shone through. After a year of doing it, I studied animation on the course and achieved an extremely high mark, not for the design but for the direction in the short ten second video. I knew then I was going to be a filmmaker.

Since then I have been studying for three years in film production and produced several award winning short films and documentaries in that time. I have a passion for scriptwriting and directing and always want to be working on a project with enthusiastic and passionate filmmaking people. I thankfully have met several people who are a pleasure to work with and are also extremely talented.

I have a lot of experience in editing as well using Adobe Premiere Pro and am quite knowledgable of that software but I have also grown accustomed to Final Cut Pro X lately as well. I enjoy editing and telling the story in the edit, putting the film together is a really rewarding experience.

Outside of the filmmaking life, my interests include binge watching whatever new series Netflix has out, going to the cinema regularly, reading comic books and reading in general, hanging out with my friends and adding to my never ending blu ray collection.


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